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Try to collect all coins to open the gate. (There actually isn't anything behind that gate yet as I haven't had too much time to make this game any longer, game is still in early development and might be cancelled at any time if I get idea for better game)


Arrow keys to move Left and Right

Space to Jump

R to Relocate to last checkpoint(those white things that should be modeled better)

My first game that I made for practice and uploaded it to show it for some friends. It sucks, but if you have some ideas for the game let me know, I would like to try to learn more by adding more complex ideas in to the game.

Game was made using Unity 4.6 Free and textures were downloaded from the Asset Store.

Known bugs(or just non-intended mechanics, that are there because my minimal coding experience):

- You can push cylinder enemy out of platform.

- When cylinder enemy falls off the map and hits the boundary, it will kill the player.